Path Puzzles by Rod Kimball [Product Review]

7 Jul

Check out this nice review from the fine folks at Room Escape Artist.

Room Escape Artist

Rod Kimball, professional juggler with The Flying Karamazov Brothers, is also a puzzle designer in his spare time.

He created a new type of pen and paper puzzle and published a book of them: Path Puzzles.

We met Rod at the New York Puzzle Party this past February, where we spoke about escape rooms. He recently gave us a copy of his book.

The cover of his book reads “Easy to pick up, hard to put down” and I have to agree.

Easy to pick up

The basic rules are simple:

  • There’s a polygon grid of squares.
  • The grid has two openings along its edges.
  • The grid has numbers along the edges.
  • You have to draw a single line from one opening to another, with that line passing through each row and column of the grid matching the numbers along the side
    • If a column or row has…

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